Gainesville, Florida and Rzeszow, Poland have formed a sister city partnership on February 21th 2013. A delegation of six distinguished representatives from Poland visited Gainesville. The delegation consisted of the Vice Governor of Podkarpacki Region, Slawomir Miklisz; Rzeszow Mayor Tadeusz Ferenc; City Council Chairman Andrzej Dec; President of the University of Rzeszow, Dr. Aleksander Bobko; President of Rzeszow University of Technology, Dr. Bogdan Marciniec; and Mrs. Marzena Furtak-Zebracka, Director of International Relations.
The two cities are similar in many ways. Rzeszow has 60,000 college students, a diverse transportation system, high school magnet programs, medical advances in cardiology and neonatal care, technology incubators and aviation, so multiple venues of exchange are possible.

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