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Deir Alla, Jordan, is the site of an ancient Near Eastern town in Balqa Governorate, Jordan, thought to be the biblical Pethor. The name Deir Alla is an ancient Aramaic one. Dayr means temple, while Ola means high point, or hill. When combined, Deir Alla signifies the high place – physically and metaphysically.

From the official website of Deir Alla:

The municipality is a private, financially independent institution that updates, abolishes, and delineates the boundaries of its region, and follows up on plans and programs to achieve sustainable development with the participation of local communities. It practices everything that is of a local developmental character and manages all local services, facilities, and projects entrusted to it by itself or through partnership with the private sector or local community institutions.

Just as Jordan is constantly and sustainably developed by the efforts of the Hashemite leaders (of the most ancient origins who belong to the origin of the prophethood) Deir Alla’s institutions are developing in a continuous and sustainable manner. Its citizens implement the visions and ideas of the Hashemite leaders who lead this incredible country.

Essential Data

  • Founding: 1967 C.E.
  • Population: 73,477 (2015)
  • Ethnic groups: Arabs, with a significant minority of Palestinian Refugees
  • Religions: Islam
  • Mayor: Mahmoud Abdul-Wali Al-Nsour
  • Province: Balqa
  • Temperature averages: 31C/89F high, 10C/50F low
  • Elevation: -314m (below sea level)
  • Currency: Jordanian Dinar
  • Airport: Queen Alia International (AMM)
  • Landmarks
    • Shrine of Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah
    • Shrine of Dhiraar bin Al-Azwar
    • Shrine of Sharhabeel ibn Hasana
    • Deir Alla Balaam Inscription

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Animals & Wildlife

Deir Alla lies at the base of the Jordan River Valley, 314 meters below sea level. The animals and plants in Deir Alla are typical of this extreme region, with endemic species such as the Jordan Bream. The ongoing water crisis there threatens much of the wildlife, and Deir Alla’s ongoing partnership via EcoPeace has been a highlight of the sister cities efforts to combat this.

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