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Welcome to Mejdlaya, Lebanon

Mejdlaya is located in North Lebanon, it is about 1hr 30 mins from the Capital Beirut. The district extends over the sides of the western chain of the Mount Lebanon mountain range.

  • Population: 35,000-45,000
  • Highest Elevation: 134 meters
  • Religions: Maronite Christian and Greek Orthodox Christian

Many people wonder what a Maronite Christian is and if there is a difference between it and any other type of Christian, and the answer is, yes. The Maronite Church is an Eastern Catholic particular church in full communion with the pope and the worldwide Catholic Church, with self-governance under the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches. It is headed by a Patriarch. There are 18 different religions in Lebanon so it gets tricky for such a small country. Maronite Christians founded Lebanon in 410 AD.


There is a small church that is over 500 years old in Mejdlaya.

The history of Lebanon goes back to 4,000 years or more, during which time they were known as Canaanites and later as Phoenicians. Typically Lebanese people are traders and have been like that for a long time. They controlled trade in the Mediterranean Sea for many many years. With their trade they created many outposts like Carthage (present day Tunis), Cadiz (Western Spain), Sicily & others. Carthage was founded by a Lebanese princess and it was a major commercial power. In 1175 BC there was a large invasion of the “sea peoples”, possibly fleeing disasters in South Europe such as volcano eruptions or droughts. They invaded the Eastern Side of the Mediterranean and they wiped out everyone living there. So there was a period of 100 years where there is no record, and everything that was on going before that time was erased completely. They made a big impact on, not only the Eastern Mediterranean but they triggered the change from the bronze age to the iron age. The Lebanese have never been warriors, they do not invade and they do not fight. They recently had a civil war between 1975 & 1990 triggered and manipulated by outside sources.

Sister Cities

Gainesville, FL, USA

On June,6, 2015, the official sister city relationship between Mejdlaya, Lebanon and Gainesville, Fl. started.

Places and Spaces

Street Views in Mejdlaya

Mejdlaya is primarily oriented on either side of a long road leading out of Tripoli towards Zgharta.

Drone Views/Aerial Photos from Mejdlaya

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