Duhok [دهوك] & Gainesville


About Sister Cities International - Sister Cities International (SCI)

Near the end of WWII, the idea of a sister cities was created by former U.S. President Dwight E. Eisenhower to promote relationships and cultural understanding across the globe.

While some U.S. cities have 15 or more relationships with foreign international cities, Gainesville-Duhok wasn’t born until 2006. The long-term partnership between Duhok Iraq and Gainesville, Florida became official with the signing of a r resolution Document.

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Since 2006

Gainesville and Duhok have been linked since 2006, when then Mayor of Gainesville, Pegeen Hanrahan, and then Mayor of Duhok, Tamar Fattah, established this sister city partnership.

“We are honored to start this partnership between our communities…”

Tamar Fattah, 2006

On March 8th, 2021, Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe met with Duhok’s new Governor, Ali Tatar, in a virtual ceremony to renew the initiative, re-sign the official resolution documents, and celebrate the many activities and cultural exchanges we have embarked upon thus har.

Official Resolution Document

Memorandum of Understanding

Exchanges & Delegations

The Director of the Gainesville/Duhok sister city program, Mrs.Bahar Armaghani has successfully brought 17 students to Gainesville to experience different projects around Gainesville and get hosted by families in the city.

Ali Tatar
Governor of Duhok

Lauren Poe - Wikipedia
Lauren Poe
Mayor of Gainesville

Duhok-Gainesville Sister City Program Committees

  • Education committee
  • Health committee
  • Tourism committee
  • Business and economic committee
  • Cultural committee
  • Sustainable development committee

Projects and Infrastructure

Current projects

Creation of new website with Gainesville, Florida students working with students from Duhok.

Future projects

Travel to Duhok with students.

Cultural exchanges

Duhok students came to Gainesville to study and participate in different projects. This has been the biggest project to date.


Duhok has several universities, Technical Institutes and The American University of Kurdistan based in Duhok.
American University of Kurdistan Duhok - AUK - YouTube


Good Words, Good thoughts, Good Deeds” also known as “Be Good, Think Good, Do Good”

Sheni speaking on Duhok’s historic Zoroastrian religion.

“We brought 17 students from Duhok high school and middle school to Gainesville. They experienced the city through projects. It was great.”

Mrs. Bahar Armaghani
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