Rzeszów and Gainesville

Since 2013

Rzeszów and Gainesville have been linked since 2013, when 6 representatives from Poland visited Gainesville.

These representatives consisted of the Vice Governor of Podkarpacki
Region, Slawomir Miklisz; Rzeszow Mayor Tadeusc Ferenc; City
Council Chairman Andrzej Dec; President of the University of
Rzeszow, Dr. Aleksander Bobko; President of Polytechnic, Dr.
Marciniec; and Ms. Furtak-Zebracka, Director of International

Exchanges & Delegations

Both Gainesville mayors since the inception of the relationship, Craig Lowe and Lauren Poe, have visited Rzeszów. Rzeszów mayor Tadeusz Ferenc visited Gainesville, as well.

The two cities are similar in many ways. Rzeszów also has 50,000
college students, a diverse transportation system, high school
magnet programs, medical advances in cardiology and neonatal care,
technology incubators and aviation, so multiple venues of exchange
are possible.


P.K. Yonge, DRS students created this website

P.K. Yonge, DRS collaborated with Primary School No. 25 on Installation Art Projects

P.K. Yonge, DRS students created video guides for Rzesów


“Our goal is to facilitate communication among scientists at UF Health and in Poland who share research interests,” Good said. “We want to foster collaborative research that will attract funding and strengthen our communities’ economies and ultimately enhance health.”

Michael L. Good, M.D., dean of the UF College of Medicine (2015)

“I’m pleasantly surprised by the beauty of Gainesville, how green and a wonderful place it is to live. We can see a very effective management of the city by the leaders. When we were invited first to become a partner city we wondered if it would work because the ocean divides us, but after three visits we are convinced it will be an excellent future for us.”

Rzeszów Deputy Mayor Stanislaw Sienko (2014)

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