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Novorossiysk is a city in southern Russia, the main Russian port on the Black Sea, in Krasnodar Krai. It is one of the few cities honoured with the Soviet title of the Hero City.

Essential Data

  • Founding: 1838 C.E.
  • Population: 274, 956 (2020)
  • Ethnic groups: Russian, Armenian, Ukrainian, Tatar, Greek
  • Primary Religions: Russian Orthodox, Armenian Apostolic
  • Mayor: Igor Dyachenko
  • Federal Subject: Krasnodar Krai
  • Temperature averages: 31C/88F high (Aug.), 2C/36F low (Jan.)
  • Elevation: 10m./30ft.
  • Currency: Russian Ruble
  • Airports: GDZ, AAQ, KRR
  • Landmarks
    • Small Land Monument
    • Port
    • Exodus of the White Army Monument
    • Palace of Culture
    • Abrau-Dyurso Winery


Novorossiysk was founded in 1838 as a base for the Black Sea Fleet and replaced the Turkish fortress of Sujuk-Qale or Soğucak, which had commanded the site since 1722. From August 26, 1918 until March 27, 1920 it was the principal centre of Denikin’s White Army. In 1942, the town was occupied by the Wehrmacht, but a small unit of Soviet sailors defended one part of the town for 225 days, until it was liberated by the Red Army on September 16, 1943. Heroic defense by the Soviet sailors retained possession of the city’s bay, which prevented the Germans from using the port for supply shipments. Novorossiysk was awarded the title Hero City in 1973.

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Flag of Novorossiysk


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