Naryn School No. 8 Buylash Uulu & P.K. Yonge

Since 2010

Naryn and Gainesville have been linked since 2020, when A collaboration funded by the US Department of State through the IREX program linked teachers in former soviet republics with US teachers. All of the people that help this sister school relationship happen is Mr. Ponzio, Baktybek Tokubek Uulu, Tynchtyk Zhanadyl, Nurgul Toktobaevna Urkunbaeva, Mr. Ho.

Exchanges & Delegations

Mr. ho has visited Naryn he went to Naryn School No. 8 and he stayed with students from there and the teacher he got to explore Naryn and get to see what it was all about. Nurgul has visited Gainesville and got to see OHS here and got to see what everything was about here.

Past Projects

One of the past Projects that we did was IREX connection with Mr. Ponzio at Oak Hall School – art and culture project where Nurgul came to Oak Hall Middle School here and visited they took her many different place in Florida.


Mr. ho got to experience what Naryn was about and what the school was like. He stayed with students and they took him to markets and made him try all the different drinks and food there.

Mr. ho 2020

Nurgul got to visit one of the most magical place in Florida, Disney world! She just to ride many rides including Jungle Cruise,Splash Mountain,Space Mountain, and small world! she finished up the day with shopping.

Nurgul 2010

Current Projects

P.K Yonge and Naryn School No. 8 current project is this on! Where we are making a website about your sister school relationships. We are doing to help people understand sister city relationships. We also doing this so you can learn more about each other sister city/schools.

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