[McKenna, Bella] Qalqilya Installation Art 2

Written Concept When I put all of my Ideas together I got a community garden for Qalqilya and Florida and how they became sister cities.It would have facts about Qalqilya and Florida with a picture of an alligator eating an orange the orange would represent Qalqilya and the alligator would represent Florida. Letter to theContinue reading “[McKenna, Bella] Qalqilya Installation Art 2”

[Purdy, Jaylee] Qalqilya Installation Art

Written Concept The inspiration from it is sign language the signs represent school because they have a deaf school in qalqulya. When they see it i want people to understand that deaf people still need an education even thoght they can’t hear. It is five feet high and six feet long so people can seeContinue reading “[Purdy, Jaylee] Qalqilya Installation Art”

[Montgomery, Nora] Qalqilya Installation Art

Written Concept the gainesville’s moto and Qalqilya’s logo. The words every path starts with passion are gainsvillies moto and the tree with the rings around it is Qalqilya’s logo Letter to the Mayor Dear Mayor Lauren Poe, My name is Eleanor Montgomery. I’m an 6th grade student at P.K. Yonge, and I am designing aContinue reading “[Montgomery, Nora] Qalqilya Installation Art”

[Hall, Anderson] Qalqilya Installation Art

Written Concept The sculpture that I am making is a 3 way swing, every direction the tire swing goes, it visit’s each sister city in the sister city logo.What inspired this is Mr.ho, and my old design.When someone sees my design, I want them to feel the such strong relation ship between these three citiesContinue reading “[Hall, Anderson] Qalqilya Installation Art”

[Johnson, Brodrick] Qalqilya Installation Art

Written Concept a train with guava and oranges . Gainesville and Qalqliyla. Growing yet eternal. A lasting friendship. Letter to the Mayor Dear Mayor Lauren Poe My name is Brodrick Johnson . I’m a 6th grade student at P.K. Yonge, and I am designing a work of installation art to represent the friendship between GainesvilleContinue reading “[Johnson, Brodrick] Qalqilya Installation Art”

[McKenna, Bella] Qalqilya Installation Art 1

Letter to the Mayor Dear Warren Poe,  My name is Josephine Bella Mckenna, I am a student at P.K Yonge we are doing a project about   Qalqilya and Florida united. My design is a water fountain 12 feet tall and 10 feet wide.we could put it in depo park in Gainesville Florida and put itContinue reading “[McKenna, Bella] Qalqilya Installation Art 1”