[Lopez, Grace] Rzeszów Installation Art

Written Concept

A wall with a heart with a carving of the Rzeszów cross and Gainesville train. To be a sign of Gainesville and Rzeszów´s sister cities friendship is forever lasting bond. WHERE. WHY.

Letter to the Mayor

Dear Mayor Lauren Poe,

My name is Grace Lopez, and I am 6th grade student at P.K. Yonge Developmental Research in Gainesville, FL. I have designed an art installation that is meant to connect Gainesville and our sister city of Rzeszow.

My art installation is a long wall with a big heart on top that has the symbols of both Gainesville and Rzeszow carved into it with a gold shiny accent. The reason I made this installation is because I want people to know that Gainesville has a sister city, and it is Rzeszow. I think that the materials I chose like concrete with a mold of a heart and a wall, then gold paint to go in the carving stuff in the heart, and glue for the star that’s going to be in the middle of the wall where the heart will be on top of.

The primary location that I want is near Bo Didly Plaza because it is in an area where a lot of people come to visit, so many people would be able to see it. Another location for this could be close to the Harn Museum where people can learn about the installation. I want this installation to be 18ft tall as well.

I think the city of Gainesville would like this idea because it symbolized unity between our two cities and allows for our cities.

Grace Lopez

Technical Sketch

Gainesville Installation Views

Rzeszów Installation Views

3D Model

[vrm360 canvas_name=s1 model_url=YOURMODEL aspect_ratio=1.33333 hide_cmds=zoom,fullscreen]

Budget and Materials List

Suggested Artists

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