[Strnad, William] Fundación Tinguacó Installation Art

Written Concept

This stands for the relationship for Columbia and PKY. It is a flag pole with flags of the Colombian and PKY flag on the same flag pole.

Letter to the Mayor

Dear Mayor Lauren Poe,

My name is William Strnad I am in 8th grade at PK Yonge , and I am designing a work of installation art to represent the friendship between Gainesville and Fundacion tinguaco .

I would purpose a flag pole with a flag that says PKY on it and a Flag that has the Colombian flag. The PKY flag will be white with blue letters and the other flag wil have 3 stripes of yellow red blue. The flag pole will be 20 feet high and the flags will be 5 feet by 3 feet and this will represent the relationship of the two places.

Thank you for your consideration 

William Strnad 

Technical Sketch

Gainesville Installation Views

Mejdlaya Installation Views

3D Model

[vrm360 canvas_name=s1 model_url=https://atomic-temporary-181412609.wpcomstaging.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Dazzling-Wolt-2.stl aspect_ratio=1.33333]

Budget and Materials List

Suggested Artists

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