[Strnad, William] Fundación Tinguacó Installation Art

Written Concept

This stands for the relationship for Columbia and PKY. It is a flag pole with flags of the Colombian and PKY flag on the same flag pole.

Letter to the Mayor

Dear Mayor Lauren Poe,

My name is William Strnad I am in 8th grade at PK Yonge , and I am designing a work of installation art to represent the friendship between Gainesville and Fundacion tinguaco .

I would purpose a flag pole with a flag that says PKY on it and a Flag that has the Colombian flag. The PKY flag will be white with blue letters and the other flag wil have 3 stripes of yellow red blue. The flag pole will be 20 feet high and the flags will be 5 feet by 3 feet and this will represent the relationship of the two places.

Thank you for your consideration 

William Strnad 

Technical Sketch

Gainesville Installation Views

Mejdlaya Installation Views

3D Model


Budget and Materials List

Suggested Artists

Sister City

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