[Neiss, Marcus] Rzeszów Installation Art

Letter to mayor of head school

My name is Marcus Neiss Im a 6th grade student at P.K Yonge. I am making a sculpture for the relationship between Gainesville and Novorossiysk.

I will like to show you the sculpture that I have built for you it is seven feet high and four feet wide it is built out of metal. The shape of my sculpture is a hug shape and it represents peace,harmony and that the person looking at it is loved and welcomed.

I want people to look at my work like it means something to them and that I worked very hard on it. I want to show the relationship between Gainesville and Novorossiysk.

I was inspired to make this by my mom because she believes that everyone should be loved and welcomed.  I want people to learn about Novorossiysk from looking at my sculpture. 

Thank you 

Marcus Neiss 

Technical Sketch

Written concept

1. I got the inspiration to make this art work from my mother because she said to always be kind and respectful to people and make sure that they are welcome.

2. I want somebody to view my art work like it is there art work.

3. It is a specific size that way like 4 people can be in the hug for a picture or something.

4. I chose metal because if a heavy wind blew near or on the art work it can stay sturdy on the ground.

5. The meaning of the shape for my art work is because it means that you are welcome, loved and cared for.

6. My art work enhance the surroundings by being in the middle of 4 trees so it kinda looks majestic in its location.

7. A different place I would put my art work at is maybe at a museum in like a glass crate. 

3D Model

Second Materials List

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