[Eliazar, Felix] Duhok Installation Art

Written Concept

The inspiration comes from  two symbols that represent the places  that inspired the sculpture. The word Duhok literally translates to two mountains as the city lies nestled in a valley between two small mountain ranges. the gator represents gainesville.  it is 4 feet tall and 6 feet wide because I did not want it to be too big or too small.  I wanted it to enhance  the space in Depot Park without being overpowering. I wanted to use wrought iron for the mountains and bronze for the gator because it would work the best. 

Letter to the Mayor

Dear Mayor Lauren Poe,

My name is Felix Eliazar. I’m a 7th grade student at P.K. Yonge, and I am designing a work of installation art to represent the relationship between Gainesville and Duhok. 

My proposal is a large sculpture, approximately 4 feet high, 7 feet wide, and 2 feet deep. This metal sculpture, in the form of two mountains (to represent Duhok) and alligator in front of them (to represent Gainesville). It would represent the relationship between Duhok and Gainesville that began in 2006. The sculpture would be metal (wrought iron and brass) to be in line with most of the other sculptures around Gainesville, while also being strong enough to withstand the weather. My goal is for the sculpture to be installed in Gainesville and in Duhok. The Sister Cities Pavilion in front of City Hall or Depot Park would be perfect locations in Gainesville.

I want my artwork to make people in Gainesville want to learn about Duhok, and people in Duhok to want to learn about Gainesville.

Thank you for your consideration,

Felix Eliazar

Technical Sketch

7 feet wide, 4 feet tall, and 2 feet deep

Gainesville Installation Views

Duhok Installation Views

3D Model

Budget and Materials List

Suggested Artists

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