[Davis,Myla] Duhok Installation Art

Written Concept

The inspiration of artwork comes from Duhok. The parts represent the different parts of Duhok and all the places you can visit. The size of it will be meduim not to big the height would be 3ft. the materails I will be using is cement,glue,paper,paint,etc. I chose these items because I think these would be useful for what I am trying to make for the project. The meaning behind the shape of this artwork is to show the differnt places in Duhok. 

Letter to the Mayor

Dear Mayor Lauren Poe,

My name is Myla Davis. I’m a 7th grade student at P.K younge, I am designing a work of instaltion of art to represent the freindship between Gainesville and Duhok.

I’d like to porpose a small sculpture it will be 3ft wide and 4ft long. One side will have mountains to represent duhok and the other side will have a becah theme to represent Gainesville.When someone is veiwing the artwork I want them to see the relationships between Gainesville and Duhok that was established in 2006.

What I hope my artwork would do is Inspire people of Gainesville and Duhok and to help them know that there are people around the world who want to share their cultures with you which would bring our cities closer together.

Thank you for your consedration,

Myla Davis

Technical Sketch

Gainesville Installation Views

Duhok Installation Views

3D Model

Budget and Materials List

Suggested Artists

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