[Davis,Myla] Duhok Installation Art

Written Concept The inspiration of artwork comes from Duhok. The parts represent the different parts of Duhok and all the places you can visit. The size of it will be meduim not to big the height would be 3ft. the materails I will be using is cement,glue,paper,paint,etc. I chose these items because I think theseContinue reading “[Davis,Myla] Duhok Installation Art”

[Eliazar, Felix] Duhok Installation Art

Written Concept The inspiration comes from  two symbols that represent the places  that inspired the sculpture. The word Duhok literally translates to two mountains as the city lies nestled in a valley between two small mountain ranges. the gator represents gainesville.  it is 4 feet tall and 6 feet wide because I did not wantContinue reading “[Eliazar, Felix] Duhok Installation Art”

[Voelker, David] Duhok Installation Art

Written Concept YOUR CONCEPT Letter to the Mayor Dear Mayor Lauren Poe, I want to make a tunnel that you can walk through from Gainesville to Duhok. At the end of the tunnel it will look like you’re in Duhok even through you’re still in Gainesville, I think it would be fun and creative thatContinue reading “[Voelker, David] Duhok Installation Art”

[Underwood, Imogene] Duhok Installation Art

Written Concept This would be a 3D map overlay on top of a table with engraving an the side. the engravings would be a goat a alligator the word gainesville, duhok in kurdish and at the bottom trim the sky line of duhok and gainesville going around and fading into each other at two points.Continue reading “[Underwood, Imogene] Duhok Installation Art”

[Cline, Bella] Duhok Installation Art

Written Concept The inspiration from this artwork comes from the beauty of our sister cities and how much we are connected to them. When somebody looks at this artwork I want them to feel more connected to our sister cities around the world. The height of this installation art is 5 feet tall, the EarthContinue reading “[Cline, Bella] Duhok Installation Art”

[Sanchez, Adriana] Duhok Installation Art

Written Concept The inspiration of this artwork comes from the idea that there should be more people educated about other places and cultures around the world. My artwork is going to be a wall with a gator deeply engraved on one side and a wild goat deeply engraved on the other side. In the middleContinue reading “[Sanchez, Adriana] Duhok Installation Art”