[Santiago, Joseph] Naryn School No.8 Installation Art

Written Concept

The goal of this Artwork is to show the differences of culture from each place. The inspiration of the artwork comes from Mr. Ho, my Digital Art and Design Teacher. He made this all happen and without him we wouldn’t be able to be in contact with Naryn this year. The parts of this artwork represents the differences of food between these two places. The size is 30in high and 35in wide.. The material is going to be wood. The shape is going to be like a Dining table and both sides of the table there is going to be the most common food of each place.

Letter to the Mayor

Dear, Mayor Lauren Poe

My name is Joseph S Santiago. I’m a 8th grade student at P.K. Yonge, and I am designing a work of installation art to represent the friendship between Gainesville and Naryn.

I’d like to propose a large sculpture, approximately 30in high, and 35in wide. I want a person who see’s it to think that it’s a beautiful, magnificent sculpture. It is a wood sculpture and it has a form of a dining table. I have picked my sculpture to be a dining because I want to show the differences of food between the two places. I have picked wood because it’s one of the best materials for a sculpture like this. I have picked a Ding Table for the form because on one side of the table there is going to be PK Yonge/Gainesville most common food, on the other side of the table there is Naryn/ School No.8 most common food.  The idea behind this is that this sculpture is going to show how the two places are different. The primary location of this sculpture is going to be PK Yonge since that’s where this all started thanks to my Digital Art and Design Teacher Mr. Ho, otherwise known as Terrence Ho. An alternative location for this sculpture is Naryn itself at the Aga Khan Foundation Smart Park.

This design should be built because it shows the differences and the relationship between PK Yonge/Gainesville and Naryn/School No.8. This sculpture will teach the world about these two beautiful traditions of food from these places. This sculture will affect the future because it literally shows the future of different places having a good relationship with each other.

Thank You for your consideration,

Joseph S Santiago

Technical Sketch

Gainesville Installation Views

Naryn Installation Views

3D Model

[vrm360 canvas_name=s1 model_url=https://atomic-temporary-181412609.wpcomstaging.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Second-3D-Design-1.stl aspect_ratio=1.33333 hide_cmds=zoom,fullscreen]

Budget and Materials List

Suggested Artists

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