[Lee, Caiden] Naryn Installation Art 2

Written Concept A anchor to repesent P.K.Yonge and a kupak to represent Nayrn. Letter to the Mayor Dear Mayor Lauren Poe, My name is Caiden Lee. I’m an 8th grade student at P.K. Yonge, and I am designing a work of installation art to represent the friendship between Gainesville and Nayrn.  I’d like to proposeContinue reading “[Lee, Caiden] Naryn Installation Art 2”

[Mottlau, Maddox] Mejdlaya Installation Art 2

Written Concept its comes from my sister she is good a drawing and she once made something for me that i could not draw at all also she made other cool things i want to show you can do anything if you put you mind on that one thing height prob not that big idkContinue reading “[Mottlau, Maddox] Mejdlaya Installation Art 2”

[James, Natheniel] Naryn School No. 8 Installation Art 2

Written Concept The concept of my artwork are two people holding a flag to represent Gainesville and Naryn coming together to establish a new culture together. Naryn’s person will have their traditional hat and clothes, to represent their culture. Gainesville’s person will have some regular everyday shorts and a shirt to represent an average Floridian.Continue reading “[James, Natheniel] Naryn School No. 8 Installation Art 2”

[Scales, Astrid] Naryn Installation Art

Written Concept YOUR CONCEPT Letter to the Mayor Dear Mayor Lauren Poe Hello, my name is Astrid.  I want to have my artwork put  in front of the Gainesville  Town Hall  my inspiration comes from  me wanting to have a statue built  that will make other students who pass by Town Hall  I know thatContinue reading “[Scales, Astrid] Naryn Installation Art”

[Santiago, Joseph] Naryn School No.8 Installation Art

Written Concept The goal of this Artwork is to show the differences of culture from each place. The inspiration of the artwork comes from Mr. Ho, my Digital Art and Design Teacher. He made this all happen and without him we wouldn’t be able to be in contact with Naryn this year. The parts ofContinue reading “[Santiago, Joseph] Naryn School No.8 Installation Art”

[Watson, Rylee] Fundación Tinguacó Installation Art

Written Concept The artwork that I chose was a mural made out of many pre-made bracelets, like the ones made in Tinguaco, to look like the P.K. Yonge logo, a blue wave.I want someone, when they see this, to be drawn in and look closer at exactly what this mural is made out of andContinue reading “[Watson, Rylee] Fundación Tinguacó Installation Art”

[Anderson, Isabella] Fundación Tinguacó Installation Art

Written Concept The inspiration from the art comes from my love for anime, representing the difference between what we watch and experience. I want some that views my art, to know how much effort I will put into it. It is around 6 feet high, I don’t know how heavy though. The materials will beContinue reading “[Anderson, Isabella] Fundación Tinguacó Installation Art”

[Dassa, Mallory] Naryn School No. 8 Installation Art

Written Concept The goal of my art work that I am creating is to show the strong relationship between the sister cities/sister schools of Naryn and Gainesville. I want the person who is looking at my artwork to feel like they can see the bond between these cities. I also want them to think aboutContinue reading “[Dassa, Mallory] Naryn School No. 8 Installation Art”

[Nichols Alava, Arianna] Fundación Tinguacó Installation Art

Written Concept A sculpture of two children siting at a table making a bracelet. one of the children already has a bracelet and they are making a bracelet for the other. The bracelets represent friendship. I want people who see it to wonder and learn about our sister school.   I want the children to beContinue reading “[Nichols Alava, Arianna] Fundación Tinguacó Installation Art”